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What you get when your business is advertised in the right places in front of the right customers

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Consistent & qualified traffic to your website

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A steady flow of leads and customers

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Calls, emails, sales, increased revenue

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Increased brand visibility & awareness

Why Pay Per Click Advertising?

You know better than anyone that finding and keeping new customers is a top priority for your business. We know how to achieve it: Pay Per Click Advertising is the most powerful, transparent and cost efficient method of digital advertising available.

With PPC Advertising we put your business in front of the right customers at the right times, when they look on the Internet for the things you offer.

Watch this video and learn about micro-moments, the new way of living; you got to be there.

Then let us give you the most advertising bang for your money.

New to PPC?

Here are some of the benefits of advertising your business online:

Be more visible – Find potential customers exactly when they search and shop online

Drive sales – Attract more website visitors, generate more enquiries and grow your revenue

Stay in control – Pay only when people visit your website or interact with your business

Already running PPC campaigns?

Here is how we will improve your existing campaigns to grow your revenue:

Receive more visitors – Bring more qualified visitors using the most powerful techniques

Increase sale – Achieve more sales/conversions through performance optimization

Scale – Expand to new verticals or geographically to grow your profits even more

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CPA, ROI Monitoring
Regular Reporting
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Account Audit

PPC Management Services

You’re in good hands. We are a Google Certified PPC Agency. We already helped a lot of companies to drive sales, create a buzz and get their businesses in the eyes of their customers, reaching them when they were looking for and ready to pay for their products and services. You can also get there. And because you only pay when someone clicks to visit your website, find your location or call your business, you know your money is well spent.

We can start displaying your ads on the same day you agree to work with us and we make sure your ads are displayed above the organic Google search results, so your business will be the first thing your customers will see when searching on Google.

Our mission is to help you grow your business, attract new customers and grow your online sales, get the phones ringing and keep customers coming back for more. Advertise locally or globally, with pay per click advertising you can target customers in certain countries, regions or cities, even within a set distance from your business or store. And you can reach your customers precisely, the right people at the right time, exactly when they’re searching for the things you offer.

Here are some of the partners who already chosed us as their

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About us

We are a cutting edge digital marketing agency, with offices in London (UK), New York (US) and Bucharest (Romania), delivering efficient personalized solutions that help our clients improve their businesses.

The strength of our company, our specialization, is promoting our clients’ brands, products and services around search engines and social media, at the right time and exactly where their customers are.

We developed a name within the digital marketing industry for professionalism and excellence in helping to grow brands and organizations of all sizes around the country as well as on an international level.

The sectors we cover include financial services, professional services, technology, retail and logistics, real estate, healthcare, luxury and beauty goods, entertainment, travel and consumer products.

Our approach is to help our clients achieve their business objectives, selling products and services, promoting and protecting their brands, launching new products, brands or businesses.

Our services allow organizations around the world to connect with their customers, to increase employee productivity while reducing costs, to improve their competitive positions on their markets.

Our people are trained in depth and ready to take your PPC campaign to the next level. If you are looking for a team to work efficiently for you, then Upvertising is the best PPC company for you.

We set out to uphold a high standard of integrity and accountability. We’re only as good as the campaigns we implement for our clients, that’s why we are in a constant pursuit of excellence.

We provide personalised expert advice, offering our clients solutions that enable them to stay on top of all the challenges they are facing with their brands, products and services.

Our clients seek us out because they know they need more in terms of online marketing. And we love clients who have the courage to innovate from who they have been into who they know they can be.

In a hyper-competitive and hyper-connected global marketplace with more diverse audiences than at any other time before, success rests in the ability to stay focused and deliver more than expected.

We strive to understand more, know more, care more and deliver more. Knowledge, understanding and passion are the secrets for working exceptionally hard to help our clients’ businesses prosper and grow.


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We want to hear from you and help with your advertising campaigns. Either contact us directly on the details below, or fill out the form and we’ll get back to you in no time.
UK: 238A Kingston Road, New Malden, Surrey KT3 3RN
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3286 9646

USA: 242 W 26th St, New York, NY 10001
Tel: +1 (646) 350-2345

Romania: Avrig 63, bl E2, sc 4, ap 107, sect 2, Bucharest
Tel: +40 (0) 728 199 939

Email: contact@upvertising.net

Why work with us

  • Certified as Google Partners AdWords Agency
  • Qualified PPC experts who have individual certifications from Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Microsoft Advertising Professionals programs
  • Extensive experience in competitive markets and with eCommerce websites

Go live and be discovered. You have the full support of our PPC team. Our PPC specialists will set everything up to get your ads live or optimize your current advertising campaigns to get more revenue and profit. We’ll help you work out a budget and optimize the costs, we’ll create messages that grab people’s attention and make sure your customers will find you wherever they are – at home, work or out, on their mobiles or tablets.

Still got questions? Here are some answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called Pay Per Click?
While running such an advertising campaign, you only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your website, find your location or call your business, hence the name Pay Per Click. You don’t pay anything if someone sees your ad but doesn’t actually click on it.

How much is the cost of a click?
The amount you pay for a click depends on some factors such as the audience you are targeting, the competitiveness of the industry you’re active in and of the keywords targeted, the historical performance and relevance of your keywords and ads and more. The cost of a click may vary from a couple of cents to tens of {your local currency}.

What are the benefits of paid advertising?
Your business can appear almost instantly on the first page of the most popular search engines; when people actually look for businesses such as yours or for products and services you sell, using keywords specific to your business/industry. An optimized PPC campaign can generate qualified traffic from prospects, leading to higher sales and conversion actions once users arrive on your website. You maintain total control over your costs – you only pay when people click on your ads – and you can set any advertising budget you want: some businesses spend tens of thousands a month while others are comfortable investing several hundred. Paid advertising makes it easy to measure which keywords and ads work best leading to continuous improvement of the campaigns.

What are your strenghts?
The experience gained during the thousands of hours worked with pay per click campaigns and the quality of the campaigns we created and managed for our clients. The close working relationships developed between our clients and our experienced PPC consultants. The clear and insightful reporting we provide to our clients and the easy to understand no-jargon communication with them.

How do I control your work and costs?
Beside regular reporting and work in progress meetings and conf-calls, you have 24/7 access to all of your data to measure results of your campaigns and assess our work. All accounts (Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console, Social Media profiles, etc) will be setup in your name and you will have total ownership (we only need shared access to perform our tasks). Our fees are separate from the search engines and social networks fees so you always know what you’re paying us and what you’re paying search engines and social networks for.